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Thanks so much for all the great comments.

I just don't use Reason for my music. I use Reason mostly ReWired into Logic. I use a combo of the following for most of my music:

Logic Studio
Komplete 8
My main goto synth now is Lush-101 (bit cpu intensive at times but awesome, hope they do a RE version, but I doubt it)
Reason 6 of course. I mainly use this reWired and create cool rack instruments within a combinator. Recent RE I got was the Arp one, which is cool, and one I will use a lot moving forward.

I will be moving to Pro Tools 10 soon I think. I love Logic, but its getting a bit old in the tooth now, unless they do a Logic 10 soon.

And of course, I am planning on doing totally Reason 6 projects, once I get a little more happy with using its sequencer etc, still learning.
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