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Originally Posted by Whagi View Post
Thanks so much for all the great comments.

I just don't use Reason for my music. I use Reason mostly ReWired into Logic. I use a combo of the following for most of my music:

Logic Studio
Komplete 8
My main goto synth now is Lush-101 (bit cpu intensive at times but awesome, hope they do a RE version, but I doubt it)
Reason 6 of course. I mainly use this reWired and create cool rack instruments within a combinator. Recent RE I got was the Arp one, which is cool, and one I will use a lot moving forward.

And of course, I am planning on doing totally Reason 6 projects, once I get a little more happy with using its sequencer etc, still learning.
Never used Logic myself(refuse to fork over the large coin for a Mac).Have Komplete 6,but if it weren't for a tech-savvy Presonus forum user that came to my rescue,I would have never been able to install it(NI tech support is useless & had too many issues with software licensing).
In terms of sounds,the only module I found useful,is the Kontakt 4 and as for synths,Reason has NI beat hands down,in my opinion.
I never heard Komplete 8 though,but I'll never go near NI ever again.

I checked out the Lush synth(very impressive)...but as far as I'm concerned,the Fairlight Platinum Refill-as well as the RE's for Reason,have my synth wants well covered.

The only thing that's really missing in Reason 6.5,is that Reason is WAY overdue for an upgraded sample player...but in the interim,I may add Alchemy to my Presonus S1 DAW(really hope there will be a Alchemy RE in the future) if that happens,Reason will be my one and only DAW I will ever use.