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Originally Posted by charlycharlzz View Post
ok , I was thinking about he bpm calculator included for the price but if you use records vinyls rather then cds then the classic old vestax got styll just because it's a legend model !

My brother has this mixer actually... it costs $500. Did you not see how I'm on a tight budget?... you keep suggesting higher priced mixers, of COURSE they'll be better!!

For those pitching in now, while I do appreciate the responses, did you see that I already decided??

Originally Posted by alternating.bit View Post
I ask A or B and he introduces C. -.-

Hehe, I've heard of that mixer but it's actually $200 more than the Pioneer and that's going too steep for what I need a mixer for. Thanks for the suggestion though.

Since I've already had the opportunity to play with the A&H Xone 22, I think I'm leaning towards the Pioneer now. I could always return it if I'm not pleased with it, and at least I'd have a benchmark with the Xone 22 to compare it with. I'm also liking the "white" edition...

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