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Originally Posted by chuckerii View Post
After a few years of having Kong and not really doing much with it, I've just re-discovered and love the physical modeling tools. What a great way to build your own custom drum kit from the ground up that sounds like a real kit. I love fine tuning all aspects.

I would like to see a few more added instruments to the physical modeling:

1. Cymbals (crash and rides)
2. Hi-Hats (open, closed, partially open to dial in that sloshy sound)

I always have trouble finding really good sounding cymbals with samples, so this would be a great addition to make my own. Thanks for listening.

I love the fact that you can adjust the each individual percussion piece independently in Kong,just as you can in Redrum...but what's with all of the mediocre drum samples?
Some of them are decent,as Kong was an improvement,but I don't use Kong much any the drums in my Sonic Reality library are more realistic-but of course,with the SR library,there's no independent volume controls....which makes me nuts sometimes.
What I would really like to see,is another RE...particularly something like "Radical Drums".

What makes Kong really pathetic,is that there are FREE drum Refills available,that are much more authentic sounding...such as Open Source and Ocean Way drums.

Maybe I'll have to settle for Propellerhead's Drum Refill...assuming it's still available....

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