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I thought it best to provide the link to the definitive info. All the info!

I still wouldn't buy a license without the authorisation card though because if someone found that card they could transfer the license away from you via props support!
No they can't, unless they know about your account, real name ecc. These details have to be provided to the support team in order to remove a license from one account. Or they have to access to your account directly thrugh the website. Please stop misleading buyers with false informations!!
Again, once the license is transferred to one account, only the account owner can manage that license, upgrade the software ecc ecc.
Basically the auth card is almost useless ! The software license is stored in the website and u authorize the program everytime u use it !
It's yours and legit !

AGAIN, it's clear, but someone seems not to get it !
You can safely buy this license that will be transferred to your account through propellerhed website, the license then will be yours, legit, and you will be able to do EVERYTHING with it.
Could some moderator please, kindly clean this topic ?
Thanks !

What happens if the seller lost the authorization card?This depends on whether the seller registered the license number on the Propellerhead website or not. If he did, you can still buy the program and we will transfer the license registration to your user account upon request from the seller (you can't request a transfer yourself if there is no authorization card). If the seller did not register the license number with us and has lost the authorization card, your program is not registereable and we would strongly advice against buying it as you won't be able to upgrade it (or register it).

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