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Hmm, I haven't had any problem.

1. I go to the Create menu and choose "Create Instrument".

2. In the file browser I find the refill and navigate to a folder, like "Bass".

3. Inside the folder I see Combinator patches, like "Audio Punch.cmb".

4. I choose a patch, click OK, and it's in my rack.

Alternately I can create a new Combinator (Create > Utilities > Combinator) and load a patch as above by clicking the folder "Browse Patch" icon.

Do these steps not work on your machine? Are you trying a different method to load patches? I can understand the agony of paying for stuff you can't use right away and hope it's figured out soon.

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Edit: I read your post again and it seems like you're doing the right steps. Maybe the refill is corrupted and you should download it again from your account if possible.

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