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I will start by saying that if you pop up a song minus the lyrics its a bit like putting up a car with no engine. A rough demo is better than a half song every time.

That said it doesn't immediately come across like vocals are missing so...

I quite like the sounds. I wouldn't know DubStep from Prodigy so no genre critique but what I will say is that the sounds and style almost sound like they could have come from John Foxx. But he was super influential on early synthesists and dance artists so that is cool.

Mixwise it is a bit rolled off top and bottom. It lacks "crispness". I'd say it was in-part a monitoring issue. Learn your speakers no matter how average they are. That said the Hats that come in seem to sit just outside the mix. That could be a great idea or annoying, not sure which without the vocal.

It doesn't suck at all and is probably better than my earliest offerings back in the late 80's so well done and stick with it.

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