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The 16 pads should have been on the P6.
It's really a missed chance from Nektar to not include this on the P6.
Assuming that it did not fit in the size on the P4, i hoped they would add the 4 extra pads (16 total) to the P6.

Yes you cán switch to pad 13-16 but it doesn't make sense if you're using it live or have to drum a particular pattern.
It's an extra step to take, which cost time (1-2 seconds) and an extra step in your brain.
If you claim to create a product for FULL Reason integration that 12 pads instead of 16 (Kong drum designer) really is a fail imho.

I know many people are looking to have 16 pads and these people have expressed this immediately after the release of P4.
It seems Nektar does not focus on what its (potential) customers really want.....

Something positive about it: Awesome design and LED screen.
Novation and M-Audio stuff immediately looks obsolete lol.