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How can I use other guitar amps (Ampkit)

My set up:
Mackbook Pro i7 16GB DDR3
OSX 10.8.2
Reason 6.5.3
2X Focusrite Saffire pro 40 preamps (total 16 audio)
Line 6 KB37 (primarily for guitar)
Nektar panorama P4

A few weeks Agile released her new Ampkit for Mac ( I downloaded the demo and it surprised me ! It was sounding great !
I used Line6 amps modeling for many years now (long before Reason came in my sight).
This was something else ! it sounds much more clear and better then the Line6 Podfarm2. and the price ! its a 50 euro's for 22 amps !
Naturley I want to use this software for my recordings and a long way of trying to find out how i can record it in the reason package followed.
The Ampkit comes with a straight forward preference tab where you can tell which input to use and to to which output it send. now because of my set up all in all a lot of possibilities in the Reason preference tab:Audio : use audio device there is only 1 possible connection (no separate in / out. )

After searching the internet I only found 2 possibility's Soundflower from which is a freeware product (great !) I did found instructions and they tell its straight forward ! I tried to get it to work for 2 days now but its seems to work but I didn't get any sound out of it !
Now on your site you speak about Rewire which seems to give a solution but I can't find it in my Reason package.And I can't buy it in your shop.
Are there any plans for the near future to make it easier to use other makers software ?