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Originally Posted by zeebot View Post
I suspect he is saying 'no icon, no help'

OP could be using a demo of reason 6 but more than likely is using a lower version and will not be able to chop audio in reason anyway.

Also the no icon suspicion is always justified..personally if someone cant be arsed to register their product and show they are a legit owner of the software then I cant be arsed helping them.
It's not justified in the general forum, which obviously Propellerhead set up for people to join even if they don't own a Propellerhead product.

As you mentioned, OP could be using the demo, or maybe can't be "arsed" to download a 4GB file just to find out that the feature isn't supported.

The problem here is that a number of people in the Propellerhead forums would rather smugly look down on people in a display of ass-hattery than simply be helpful to another human being.

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