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nn19 2.5 to 6.5 discrepancy...

quick help for a 2.5 upgrade to 6.5 noob plz.

i know this is probably something small that i'm overlooking, however, when i used to open up nn19 samplers in 2.5 they opened up empty and ready to use. in 6.5 i see they open up with sounds that i cannot seem to get rid of. search for my own loop then load it, and found i have to set it to solo every time in order to play my sample and not the preset default sound. i do this then save it. when i open up again it's back to the default and i have to hit solo again. will i have to hit solo every time i open up to hear the samples i chose and that aren't the defaults? surely there's a quick fix! (couldn't find it in tutorials.) any help will be appreciated.