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Originally Posted by tomriv View Post
Can anyone recommend decent mid price headphones for mixing? I dont have rhe space or cash for speakers. Am looking at a budget of approx £100.. From my research Shure SRH 440's look good. Has anyone tried them?
I have that exact model. The coiled cord could be an issue if your jack is a ways a way from your head. For me, it's not so I don't mind it. They are also comfortable on my sensitive head skin. I felt like I was in a vise when I tried on Sennheisers.

Now, this wasn't an issue until someone else pointed it out to me, but they do kind of creak and make noise when you move around. This might bug the crap out of some people, but all you have to do is sit p-e-r-f-e-c-t-l-y still ... :-)
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