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Originally Posted by SoerGl View Post
same here...

- reason is missing advanced midi/audio/automation editing features.
- plus some workflow improvements
- updated racks. some of them are over 10years old and never chanced since then
-> i dont need new RE. just fix some issues of the old racks and improve the sound (!!!!)
- exact value-parameter
- higher resolution(looks terrible and tiny on my 27")

.... list seems to be endless.
Yah I kind of fill like we're playing catch up but every time I fill like were almost there, other competitors seem to take a huge leap forward. Then we have to wait years for an upgrade. Then I have to droll over the other competitors features that I fill like we should of had already which is draining. I mean, I don't have to have everything but, lets get competitive with the editing. We got RE's, audio recording, SSL mixer, Blocks, Live sampling, and a few more nice little features. But we need more, and fast. Competition is getting stiff.
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