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I've been an extremely dedicated Reason user since 3 came out. Before that, I was with FL Studio, and I was so happy to switch over. Im sort of saddened to see how much further Image-Line's product has came along (so I've seen and heard) than my copy of Reason 6.5..... So yes, I have some definate MUST NEEDS in Reason 7.

The wiring system needs an upgrade....can we atleast get THIN wires like they use in patchbays at any studio in Los Angeles or elsewhere?

I DEFINATLY NEED Recycle Integration. This should of been something that rolled out with Reason 6.5 in my opinion, because the technology is already there for this to be a reality right NOW.

Modern Sampler, that should be a part of the recycle integration as well.

I do need groupings like I would on any real SSL, you're already so close so go ahead and just blow us away.

And for heavens sake man....can we PLEASE get a massive update with the Reason Sound Bank, or atleast a new Sound Bank with the new version?!?!?!? its 2013!!!!!!!!!!!!!!