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Originally Posted by Steedus View Post
We need an option to use incremental saves. Much like how PT works.

I'm working with a session of my band practicing right now. It's 2.5 hours in length and I need to chop up each song and save it to it's own file. In PT this would be simple and quick. In Reason I have to save each song as it's own 4 - 5 Gig self contained file. This takes 10 - 15 mins each time. And quickly my HDD is filling up with a bunch of 4-5 Gig files, in addition to the original 30 Gig session file. It's almost impractical to use Reason with a session this size.

While I generally like the self contained way saves are handled now, please somehow give us the option to use another method that is more practical when dealing with multiple versions of a session.
This, this, this, THIS..!!! Reason has had no real use here at all, because of this