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Originally Posted by SoerGl View Post
thumbs up - thats what i want too..
this would be so much win and a huge step forward for reason!
on the other hand is this standard in many other daws. i agree with you - i dont want miss this things in the next update or i have to leave my fav daw
Yes indeed. Before i know they even had it in other daw, I was already trying to figure out how to do it in Reason since Reason is full of tricks. Then when I found out that I couldn't do it, then I thought well maybe this couldn't be done in other daw. But heck naw, most daw had some of these for years already. I want these feature not necessarily because other daws have it but because I was already trying to figure out if this was possible to do in Reason before I know other daws had it. I think we all can benefit for these feature. I think if I have these, I will be happy with Reason for years to come with the addition to RE's.
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