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This track is amazing!!!

You've convinced me that the newer Reason is a great product, so I may upgrade (I also started 4.0). It's expensive though, so I don't know.

I'm also going to look into this Drakan game. I'm an avid gamer too, and RPGs are my favorite genre. I think, as a whole, I've been more influenced by videogame music than other music, even though the single musician/band that's influenced me the most is Jimmy Eat World (I was obsessed with them back in high school, when I learned tons of their songs on guitar - hence, I know lots of chord progressions, tunes, etc. from them).

Anyway, thank you for this genuinely awesome track. I'll have to seriously consider getting a newer Reason product now. I suppose I have a question about that then... Can I convert my Reason 4.0 songs into Reason 6.5 songs? That way I could make use of new features on my songs made with Reason 4.0? And if so, is it a convenient process (like just clicking something that reads "update this reason 4.0 file to a reason 6.5 file," and it does it automatically)?

Also, I've been looking into foreign (non-western) chords and scales lately, and it seems like you've used some foreign (Japanese?) chords and scales at parts in this song (beautifully done too, by the way). Do you have any advice for using non-western chords and scales? Also, which overall chord/scale schemes did you use in this song (what I mean is just overall a.k.a. Shomyo, Ritsu, Riyo, etc. - I understand not wanting to reveal the exact chord progressions you used)?

Thank you!