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Originally Posted by james1206 View Post
Thanks for the replies-
They have resent the file and this time it contains all the programme. i.e. you can open it to find reason, application folder, demo song, etc..

However, when I open it in toast titanium the disc image still won't mount. It seems to me I've been duped as I can't even see reason five as a download on this site!
Reason 5 never had a download version.

What they did was make a copy of the DVD, and use a key generator to create a fake serial number that "works".

Fwiw, this is the same thing that the pirates are downloading for free from torrent sites.

Not that I'm telling you to do that, because I'm not. I'm trying to demonstrate that you're dealing with dishonest people that are lying to you and stealing your money.

Now, if they're willing to do that from the start, what kind of surprises do you thin await you on that DVD image you got.

Let me give you a hint... Reason 5 doesn't need a 7GB DVD image, only about half of that at most.