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Inspiring you to not only upgrade you're Reason-but to also to buy the Drakan video the absolute best compliment I could ever hope to my profound thanks to you for that!

If I remember correctly,I paid $169 for the upgrade to 6.5-which to me,is a bargain of a lifetime,because it's my main DAW now.
As for your Reason 4 tunes.....not to worry,because your songs will be unaffected by the upgrade,so they will be just as you left them & you can go about improving upon as you see fit.
That's the beauty of having a closed system like Reason(no universal VST support),so there's absolutely nothing to lose,when you change to a new version.

With regard to scales,chords & such...can't help you out there my friend,because I don't read sheet music,as I am strictly a by-ear musician....always have been.

I understand some very rudimentary aspects like certain time signatures,notations(enough so that I can quantize my work)....but that's about it.

In reference to the Drakan video game,it was released in 2002 and it was a highly underrated game...but it did pick up some momentum over the years & became somewhat popular.
I paid $30 for it back then and currently-because it's pretty rare to find a copy,Amazon has the game for $28.99(but it's well worth it,as it took me 2 years to complete the game)!
However though,if you peruse through the various online video game stores,you may come across a used copy(I saw one for $5 at a GameStop retailer)...but it was out of stock.

I sincerely hope you decide to buy version 6.5 & you snatch up the game while it's still available-because beleieve me,you won't regret it!

Thanks again,