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lol trust me, the version I have now is much better. Yet lacks the crispness. any suggestions on making the synth more.... crispy?


Also, The bass drum sounds weak. Thats the way I keep it for one reason. I checked it in the car, and once I up the maximizer by a few decibels, the whole thing will be normal. If I up the bass now, it will piss off my subs later.

last but not least, The vox for the song start at bar 49, or the drop. However, they will be noticeable throughout the beginning, well, the title will be, anyway...

"Stupid Little Bitch, Bitch go fuck yourself
Catch an STD, but don't share the wealth
If you cheat on me again, I will send you to hell."

Right at the end of the song I am gonna have it end with " Stupid Little Bitch, I will See you in hell"

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