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Can you chop within Reason 6?


as fast and intuitive as Recycle?


Is it better to get Recycle to do it?


Can i use other sound editors to chop up and bring into Reason 6?


Really? I can import from another software into the Dr. Octo Rex?

As long as its a REX file, sure. Yep ^_^

Great! but how would i chop in reason?

¬_¬ Its a long procedure that shouldnt be if you just had Recycle.

1st, you import your sound,

then you cut it up into lil itty bits as you want

then enclose each cut part with a loop and export into a folder of your choosing.

then you use your sampler of choice(NNxt,NN-19, Kong, etc) to import the chopped part


In order to get the desired effect of just having a Rex file uploaded, it will take some tinkering as it is possible ...but hey... why not just get Recycle and REX it?

In other news, Propellerheads....SERIOUSLY..Recycle can not go on being a separate software or at least at the price it currently still is. Integrate or reduce price.

Thank You
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