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Good monitors sound too pretty, please help!

I'm having trouble choosing some decent nearfield monitors for my project studio. My idea of a good monitor is that its output is very direct, clean and neutral and it reveals any flaws in my mixes. I listened to many speakers in a large music store, but it turned out that the most neutral (and direct and clean) sounding monitors in my budget (I liked the KRK VXT8 and a certain Genelec model) actually made my mixes sound prettier. They seemed to obscure the flaws in my mixes! The cheaper speakers, that audibly had some problems in their frequency response (for example KRK Rokit series), did help me to distinguish more between a good commercial mix and my own mixes.

Have any of you encountered the same dillema and how did you solve it? Are there any monitors (below say €1250 a pair) that combine a neutral frequency response with a more brutal representation of the shortcomings of a mix?