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Channel Strip Compressor


I hope this isn't a silly question. I have looked this up in the help index and it seems to be straightforward but I just want to check. If I switch on the compressor at the top of the channel strip is it correct that is is "built in" compression? Is it correct that I don't expect to see a "device" here?

Originally I was under the impression that this switched on routing to the master compressor but I now think that's incorrect. The master compressor is across the whole mix so that doesn't make sense. I have played around with a single channel and I do hear compression with only the channel strip compressor on but I guess what's puzzling me slightly is the absence of any visual "device". Could anybody A) Clarify for me that I have this correct and b) suggest whether or not it's worth using this function in terms of sound quality or better just to stick in an insert or send on that track?

Many thanks for any help.