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Help me return to my roots (sampling) Recycle


i started sampling years ago. from vinyl to tape, then i eventually bought my first sampler (yamaha). long story short, over the years i probably bought about 4 different hardware samplers. I wanted to start creating my own music, so i've pretty much abandoned sampling for probably a decade.

It took me a long time to switch over to software, i think when i did that played a big role in me not sampling....i just didn't understand it with the programs i was using. A couple years ago when I got my tax return i got Recycle! I've probably tried it 20 times at the most. It is such a headache for me. Yes i get sick of converting mp3 to wav then loading in rex, finding out the bars, trying to slice it right then saving to rex format. But, the absolute biggest headache and turnoff has sounds like i have it sliced nice then i open it in reason and realize one of the chops start is off, etc... now i have to go back to recycle and do all this stuff again. far as getting everything on time, if i could preview (play slices) in recycle with my midi keyboard I really think that would help.

It just seems like my life (sampling) was so much easier back then. Any advice or workarounds?
Also I'd like to just straight up loop a sample, even that has been made difficult. with hardware i'd just sample, edit start /end and boom! i do know in 2 years i haven't given recycle much of a chance, i have watched some tutorials but it just seems like doing too much. It drains my energy pretty quick.

I've never tried sampling straight into R6.5, you guys think that would be better for loops? Any methods or advice?

My friend samples in tracktion, that looks so simple. Think a program like that is better for sampling? I'm not knocking Recycle at all, because i've heard some good stuff made with it, i just don't know if its for me.