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Originally Posted by eXode View Post
It's not that simple. I really hate to bring this topic up in public but the Predator issue might have been due to bad coding. In short, as far as I understood, not the entire chain of Predator was oversampled, only the oscillators (and then an option for the filter, on the VSTi that is). This might have contributed to that fact (i.e. what's the point of only oversampling the oscillators if the other stuff happen at normal audio rate?). Fwiw, I don't know what they did but that update to Predator did improve the waveforms/reduce aliasing overall.

Other developers have stated (not about Predator, but oversampling in general) that it is not just about having X amount of oversampling. Depending on the synth layout you might need to downsample as well. I.e. oversample oscillators, downsample before it goes into the filter oversample inside the filter, etc.

But, all that said and done. The thing that actually speaks FOR oversampling when it comes to Reason devices in particular is that some of them actually sound better when running at an higher audio rate (i.e. both Subtractor and Thor sound more detailed/alias less at i.e. 96 kHz compared to 44.1 kHz) Thor is less prone to aliasing artifacts in the FM Pair Osc when running at higher rate as well.
I agree on all points - with the Predator update it sounds as good as Thor to me. But Thor doesn't have over-sampleing at all IIRC, and Predator was supposed to sound better because of it's oversampling due to less aliasing (the reason for oversampling). I'm specifically speaking of oversampling on the oscillators here, and I turned off filters during my comparisons so only one oscillator was being tested in each synth.

To me, Thor's filters sound better at higher sample rates in one specific condition - when they are wide open (since they can open FURTHER with a higher sample rate). And if you set them so they produce the same response on a spectrum analyzer they will sound the same, even at a higher sample rate (or at least that was my experience). :-)
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