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Thanks! Oh man i'm not the one rapping the second verse haha That's Rasmus. I did make work out of having us sound very similar and i'm glad that worked! Yeah, Julianna is a seriously good singer and added just sooo much to the track. I'm really happy she was up for it, made the track!

Glad you like it man!

Originally Posted by electricfusion View Post
Great track.Wow...It sounds totally pro.
Big drums,deep..even deeper baseline.. ,sweet piano and and.
The female vox are deluxe...seriously good.
Hm,did i forget something?
Oh yeah,the rap.Great performance in both languages,Dave!
It made me smile to hear you rapping in English b/c of the slight Dutch accent
(pretty obviously ) which makes the lyrics all in all very charming and natural sounding.
And i totally dig this.
Big up!
Congratz to all involved.

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