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Question Reason 7 wish list crom pcp

The layout of the entire operating systems needs changing
The sound laibrary needs sorting out
You should be able to tempo search sound files
As well as detect tempo search feature
You need a better mic recorder which u can record
Straight through the laptop without input of external mic
They should be a album correction mastering
That does it for you and levels it out for a perfect made product
There should be a music tutor teaching the operating system
There should be presets from world studios for the same
Experience to be accomplished from performance
Should be video capture n editor for complete product
Need the ficility to build n desgins racks instruments n loops
Should have better orignal operators like a drum pad mpc
Should have templates for genres and lyric writer
Speech to text and more voice samplers preset
Should be a le to have custom pimped templates
Presentation feature that plays the complete product
More controls lots of buttons but eash workflow
Should have pattern producer mode to stretch blocks
Should have the facility to pick up electronic guitar
Recordings through a my mic perfectly
Should dj deck operators to re route should have
Disco sound sesitive lights on rack
Different backgrounds and background creator
Should have own interfrface for connected software
To make the work flow easier
Should have amp operator to show how much voltage pumps
Should have models of cars speakers bike house to
Anaylise the sound performance
Should have robots that could write lyrics of the songs
The whole entire ochestra maps and everything
Must be able to show clear crisp theater sound quality
Or u should contact me for a drawing of the new work flow
Must connect to figure on iphone n figure must have mic for recording notepad
For writing lyrics and presenter to play the presentation
Must have experiment feature to tweak the signal wheres it goin
With better operators then jus knobs n buttons on a board
Must have copy right protection in built with each creation
Maybe sign id linked protection n password registered devices
Must have feature to make copys of license on ignition key
Must have feature to build i instruments in 3d the board them as operators
Must have vote machine for tracking sound production
Must have profile online from producers kn super fast flash built presenters
Must have a live mode where everything is set perfect to play
Must have all the features to make the most up to date music
Must have credit system to unlock special features
Beat shop to sell music u made and rank charts
A collaborater channel to connect to account online
And produce record on the fly with amazing features
And ofcourse a messenger to send files and share video talks
Must invent compression utility to files reduce in size
Must develop colours or picture backgrounds or movies
As track recorded colour pallets and over veiw of work flow
Must have every type of access easy avaible through organising
Must open channels for producers to upload their creation
Chat rooms where knowlegde could be distributed equally
Stencils n templates they can colour their veiws quickly
Ability to make the music u made sound like the actual thing
Ability to remix other tracks blend and seperate chop em
The voice feature has to be the best allowing anything to be created
And not overlap or decrease i the sense of copy n pasting on other work
A inbuilt selerate design recognition where no fidling is reuiqred
Ability to morph voice into anything whever how ever and sounds
Planners to create ideas before a project
Companys that exchange music for prizes n money n income
Jobs for online creativty of reason 7 and improvements
Ability to show the equaliser graphs and sound model
Like a microscope like meesages from water film on youtube
Easy top made music presets and easy finish album packer adjuster
Ability to sell music like the itunes store or direct links
Chance for any idea or info sending button and live
Chat agents who are willing to work 24/7 n take info
Online connected tutors for helping out projects n jobs
If i was to be employed ill shlw u what reason needs
But the layout n everythin needs a change fans need
The software they can jump on different music
N have the computer fix verything ejecting a comeple album
Album cover art painting and electric album e book type presenter
Must have music history of all settings and past sounds library
Hall of fame for great thinkers for foundation building
Quick new updates for 3 weeks with huge changes
I hope u read this needs to be done by next month
The ability to make rack extensions and racks give
Your people the chance to make that software big
In eveyones pocket give us the things we need
This is coming froma producers prospective
Should hae a level out feature so even a dummy
Ends uo with the best possible music espeically
The mics needs something there straight confirued
Email me personay i shall let u know more stuff at