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Loop Recording (joing clips and x-fades)


I've just been experimenting using the comp'ing tool with about 8 takes of an 4 bar guitar chord loop. So far so good. I've made some nice (new) takes and am using it to build a song. Naturally at the 4 bar loop-limit I'm now getting clicks between clips.

No problem, I thought. Just need a crossfade between clips. So I went back into edit mode and found that I had to bounce the comp'ed takes to a new take. I then got a bit stuck doing a crossfade between audio clips (is this even possible?), so I joined two (new) takes to make a 8 bar clip and used the crossfade tool in comp'ing mode. Unfortunatly, though, I'm still getting a pretty severe click between the takes - this must be because it falls accross the loop locator at the end of the 4th bar.

I'm pretty sure the problem is me, in that I'm unfamiliar with this aspect of Reason (I have a model of PT7 in my head for this sort of task). Could it be just the timing? I'll try a longer loop duration to see if that's the source of my problem.

Advice please!