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Ok so this opens but you have used quite a few ReFills and so I miss half your sounds. Can't see any signs of compression but not unexpected as that sound is way from peaking. I swapped in some other sounds and nothing seems odd at all.

I think maybe you need to explain why you think that the sound is being compressed?

However I do think that maybe you are making things harder for yourself than necessary as you seem to have Combis and then be accessing instruments in the middle of them when it would make more sense just to access the Combi and let it do the work for you. Also I see you trying to EQ things and making some strange and doubled-up decisions betweein the Parametric and Hi/Lo Pass Filters.

I think you are right in that you don't really understand the flow of a signal. That said your notes are not bad. Overall this suggests the confusion you have expressed above so here's what I'd suggest: Have a look at the version of your track that I have posted...

It is really all your notes (my sounds/no samples) laid out and with a simpler, clearer take on the mix. I have also laid out a very simple arrangement.

Till it makes full sense to you it is best to only work in one place, Using Blocks and Song view at once is confusing. I personally prefer the Linear Song View which is what I have shown you here.

For now also ignore EQ etc and focus on getting songs, then you can start to EQ as you have a reason for your edits.

I have used simple synth sounds as that is my thing and it is better to focus on notes before sounds (even tho electronic music always appears the other way). Sure it ain't as Bangin' but it does show you are making a cute House piece (all good House is cute so don't be offended).

Ask if you want to understand more of what I have done here.

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