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I got an M Audio Oxygen 25 key controller,this is fine for me,as I have no room,but as mentioned by RXTX the Akai is very good (wish I had one TBH, and the cash of course

But Ive managed ok for quite some time with a small keyboard,lol. , Also, worth a mention is these midi controllers I have bought

My Akai LPD8 for its drum pads,and knobs!! I like this a lot!!

But I don't do drums on it.Everything (or nearly everything else) Ha,ha ,FX ,mapping of DrOcotrex to the pads etc

I also have got a Korg PadKontrol and NanoKontrol 2 all of them come in very handy ,esp when using this to control your SSL mixer sliders and stuff,ha,ha

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