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Okay i'll be brutally honest with you...

The intro and main melody sound very friendly with some nice synth sounds going on. Doens't sound like electro to me though. The buildup to the drop around 1:19 is too short and weak, you need to create a bigger contrast here.

But then there's the bass synth starting at the drop which also appears between 0:12-0:34... it's awful! It sounds like a squelching pig. Sonically, it has nothing to do with the rest of the track and the timing sounds off in several places.

So I'd suggest

1) Loose that bass sound and don't try to make the track sound "tough" with a formant like bass because the rest sounds quite nice. Perhaps go with a more traditional saw wave bass.


2) Make it a heavier track by ditching the nice sounds and melody and work on better formant growl type noises. This is in my experience the harder way because you'll probably want to build a progression of several different sounds that need to sound big and varied as well as work together as one! Check out Youtube for some good tutorials on FM basses, you can make those with Thor.

I haven't spared you but I hope it helps! Getting compliments is nicer, I know... but honest critique is rare. Check out my track below and feel free to comment as you see fit!