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Thank you all!

Your suggestions were very helpful, @ Reasoner - I installed the Asio 4 All driver and now my latency is way down and I can play without the delay, most appreciated! @ lunastationadj - your suggestion led me to adding a drum machine into the rack and using it to create a tempo... I think that is what you were saying? If it is, I can do that now with the ASIO driver and low latency and be able to play along with it.
If you are saying that there is another way, I would be greatful if you could explain.
@SteveDiverse, yes I understand that, the problem was that I wanted the tempo beat that my keyboard creates to sound like the tempo it creates and not the piano patch in Reason. but as both the notes that I play and the tempo are coming from my keyboard, Reason routes both through the piano patch, making the beat that I hear through the hadphones, sound like the piano patch, I wanted to route the beat to a different track essentially, utilizing a drum patch. Now with the low latency of the ASIO driver, I can leave the tempo off on my keyboard and use a drum machine from within reason for the tempo. If I can figure out how to make a drum beat lol.
Thank you again all.