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Does props really care about our wants?

This is a just a open ended question. I routinely come and check out the forums and see if there any changes in our wants. Seems to be the same wants ive been reading and asking for the last few years. really no changes. Ya know...punch in out, markers, groups etc. ya know simple every day stuff. Instead we get more and more sounds and addons that sound great but not the deep core simple stuff like spectral anylzer, midi out etc And the imfamous ios device that is great to some and wack to others. Wack to but thats just my opinion. I though we begged for reason on ios or some form of leads to my question. Does props really care about our wants? Im sure there would be more money to be made if they added what we really really wanted instead of what they think we want. or what they want. Like i wrote in the forum a while back. I got a email from them saying Give us your feedback on how we can improve our product....Duh ...look at the forum for the last few like i always say..i know i know if i dont like the program i can not use it or dont buy it. but i did.. And no im not bashing it. Just an observation and a opinion that can be taken or hard is it to impliment the simple things into the program anyway? lol just my half a cent of venting observation....Currently using Beatmaker 2 with my own sounds imported..Niiiice and Presonus studio one v2. (which is self explanitory).....would love to just use props but they are being left behind...even a $20 ios beatmaker imports mp3 or wave from my library and chops up samples, spreads on keyboard with mapping or spreads over 16 pads, adds layers, note repeats etc. easy decision....okay long enough...ill leave now

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