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There's two kind of companies in this world:
  1. Companies who give its consumers what they want.
  2. Companies who do their thing and give their customers what they believe they may want/need.

The first category are most "classic", conservative companies. They keep their consumers happy by abiding to (some) of their (reasonable) requests and not doing much else.

Then there's innovative and creative companies like Propellerhead.

Did people ask for a sequencer based on a virtual rack with virtual patch cables when Reason 1 came out?
Hello no! But we still got it and now we have an intuitive and fun alternative to Logic, Cubase and other boring DAWs.

Did people ask for REs before they were announced?
Hell no! They asked for VST support. But instead of a shit-fest of unstable, crashing, incompatible plug-ins with poor MIDI implementation we preserved the rock-solid stability of Reason with seamlessly integrated Devices that work like any other native Reason Device.

Did people ask for touch-screen smartphones (iPhone), tablets, MIDI, airbags, windshield-wipers, telephones or lightbulbs?

The answer is NO. But some people still said fuck it and did it anyway. They ignored the people asking them to do what they were expected to do at work and took the initiative to do what they felt would be be useful and everyone is glad they did.

Propellerhead has always been a maverick kind of company. They do their thing and dedicate they resources to what THEY think is best. Not to what people ask them to. There's enough "classic" and predictable DAW alternatives out there that follow the standard market evolution.

I like the fact that Reason thinks out of the box and experiments with new ideas all the time.