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Exclamation I need the Razor in note sequencer

Razor tool would not active when I use edit mode.

I usually edit note in Cubase sequencer. but sometimes I need to edit note in Reason directly. And then I always feel inconvenient.

It's OK that Propellerhead software seek for the higher graded developement.
But you have never to ignore the Basic. And go back to the basic!

I am a Korean.
You have heard many times 3rd party nations' radical development including Korea especially from Obama, U.S President!

When You European seek for new things to solve the problems in Social, Economical, Political, Corporational etc, Korea have been only concentrated to basic and we succeeded and have been tought our successes to many other countries from 3rd country including China and Japan to Europe and America!

Dear Propellerhead , don't ignore the Basic to prosper your corporation!
You need to more develope in Sequencing and editing Audio and then you will become independent and win the top rank, not being swayed by other sequencer companies!

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