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Originally Posted by Rakrum View Post
I have that problem with writing for film, but chose the tool for the job.

I don't have a rack of hardware analogue synth modules. So I got Reason. And it's awesome for that. I can't afford a Moog (not sure how the filters compare, but....) and many people are the same.

Reason gives me those tools.

If I want to write in music notation for video, Logic has the best notation implementation (besides Sibelius for proTools) and now Logic is only $200. So if you have different jobs, you should have different tools.

Hard to make a living as a landscaper with lawnmower but no leaf blower or weed whacker (see: using a "DAW" but not having Reason)

Of course, this is just me, but sometimes the right tool for the job looks like a toy. Doesn't mean you can't do WORK with it!
So I guess reason is the weed whacker of DAW's lol. I like reason but I'm starting to feel what the original post was stating, think about it, if you want your yard to look good but only could afford to have a weed whacker or a lawn mower which one would you get?
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