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Reason MUST be a toy. I have more fun playing with it than should be normal for a man of my age!

But seriously what the Hell does 'Pro' mean anyway?! Some DAW's I've used have not been much fun to use at all. But maybe that's not the point? Maybe a 'serious' tool is so defined by it being somewhat boring to use in order to get a job done. Is serious work supposed to be fun? Can it be serious or 'Pro' if it's something that you really, really enjoy using because it's fun whilst getting a job done?

Fair enough the 'toy' label often fired at Reason by some may be derived from it lacking some fundamental features that many of us would like to see. But this doesn't detract from everything else that Reason is more than capable of doing & then some Toy, Pro, entry level .... whatever! These things are ALL tools at the end of the day as far as I'm concerned. They all have the potential to get the job done if used correctly & creatively.

I think the tools available are defined by the people using them, not the tools themselves. Sit a baboon in front of a top end Pro Tools rig & what are you going to get out of it?! Bananas!! Is it 'Pro'? It depends on who's using it & what they are going to do with it, surely?! I'd prefer if we didn't label things 'toy', 'Pro', 'Amateur' etc. With that in mind I think Pro Tools should be re-named 'Dull Tools' or something .... or maybe just 'Tools', because that's all it is