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wow well i have to agree with some of you guys who basically emphasised on the fact that reason is music making TOY just like all other music software and also go some where else wheer you will find joy. on the other side we should'nt be in denail that reason lacks some of the features that makes it almost a perfect DAW and lets not try to be defensive also. we need to acknowledge the facts tabled here and make a proposal to PROP's on what could be done to make us all happy (yah well i know we will not be all happy ) as we are all REASON fanatics. yah well reason cannot be a REWIRE host or lacking some audio editing features like De-esser and many more but still all DIGITAL AUDIO WORKSTATIONS lack something at the end of the day. We just need to allow PROP's to improve on reason. at the moment atleast reason meets us halfway and that is complete music making in one DAW and in a simple flow