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I think they care . Example : nearly everybody screamed for audio in/rec. since Reason 1.0 , they listen very well aaaaaand boooom : in Reason 5.0 we got audio in/rec. !
It's maybe not as fast as other companys , but muuuuuuuch better ...
O.K. - that was a little bit sarcastic , but seriously - I love the way they working and I love their stuff and I'm tired of all that moaning : "I need this and I need that , because I can't work without it ... " . It's so stupid . I had made music with a 4track tape recorder and much fun with this tool too ... if you got no ideas or creativity , no software can help you and otherwise - one of the best songs happend with very limited equipment ... mmmh , you young padawans got no patience (...and I was exactly like you)

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