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I have been in a serious 12-year creative love affair with Reason, my first experience having done all the synth work on a progressive metal album with Reason 1.0, and since then numerous other projects with Reason such as video games, film scoring, and other CD projects.

So I'm probably not the guy to give an unbiased opinion about the software, since to me, it has only grown to fit MY personal ideal workflow more and more over time. I feel spoiled because when I use Reason, I don't have to "think" about the UI, which allows me to stay in a flowing creative frame of mind.

"Sgt. Pepper's" was recorded on a 4-track, and Wendy Carlos had to build her own 8-track and co-design new synths with Bob Moog before "Switched on Bach" could become a reality in '68.

Even my own wife has stories of studying electronic music with Ussachevsky and having to generate tones, then painstakingly cut and splice tape in order to create music.

I myself cut my electronic music teeth on an old ARP 2600 and a 4-track. That and writing 6502 and x80 assembly code to generate tones on computers with no sound chip.

In comparison, Reason seems like a magic miracle.

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