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Originally Posted by bornsticky View Post
i for one am sick of exporting my midi lanes, importing them into ableton, playing them back from ableton and then recording them back into reason. what a fkn joke huh! lol

If only you could actually play those notes eh? Well don't worry, I am almost willing to bet that it comes with Reason7.. What else? Everything else can be a RE now and as many people stated, now it would actually make sense

Originally Posted by Dogboy1973 View Post
I think it's more to do with their policy of NOT talking about possible future developments & upgrades until they know they will be in there. A very sound policy in my book. Otherwise they'd be talking about stuff that may not come to pass & that just doesn't go down well with the punters.
Then they would only not talk about "possible future".. What they do apparently is trying to avoid long exchanges of posts at all, which I can understand. Apart from Mathias they seldom post more than one comment if they really think its important.

For example the PX7: They said "we save resources by computing stuff in advance, thats why you cannot automate some of that stuff".. Then people came in blaming them thats excuses and whatnot.. Nice.
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