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Originally Posted by stephencolbert5 View Post
I'm in the same position (have Reason 4.0, thinking of upgrading to 6.5). I've heard good things from some people here, but that's also to be expected since these forums contain active Reason users.

So... Buller? Buller? Or, well, it doesn't have to be Buller. Anyone's thoughts would be welcome.
Well as this thread doesn´t seem to move I recommend upgrading to Reason 6.5. Besides the RE-possibilities, the SSL-Mixer does a very good job and is worth the upgrade alone.

Audio-In/Audiotracks are an essential new feature combined with sampleediting, timestretching and tempoautomation. You also got the Re-groove mixer and Blocks besides additional Sequenceroptions like the transposefunction, fast Fade-In/Out/Amplitude possibilities, Automationcurves with eventpoints (like keyframeediting in video software).

Then there also are the new devices: The Echo, Pulveriser, Alligator, Kong and Neptune, ID-8, Line 6 Guitar Amp and Bass Amp.
Can´t remember wether Dr.Rex was already Dr.Octorex in version 4.0.

So even if your not interested in RE´s there are plenty of very useful additions.

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