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Originally Posted by LeopoldStotch View Post
The SSL takes up too much vertical space as it is. Rotating a 1920x1080 monitor 90 degrees to use as a dedicated mixer monitor still doesn't provide enough space.

Turning all the send knobs into faders would make each channel way too tall. You'd spend more time scrolling than you would adjusting the faders.
I think you're right. Send faders make no sense to me, still I'd love to see a mockup of that...
The SSL IMO is fine as is. I mean yeah I have to scroll up and down even on my 27" imac, but the faders are always at the ready, when the mixer window is detached. and usually I don't adjust more than one parameter at once
If they change anything on the mixer, I hope it's in order to create grouping ability. I've seen an SSL 4000G console and for grouping, it had eight little grey knobs below each level fader, so you could group them like that.