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Originally Posted by ChrisGames View Post
I like the track, it stays interesting while still being chill, question, how do you go about planning your tracks? I have had trouble with this.
Hi Chris, thanks for taking the time to listen.

I don't really have a set way to go about panning, I do what sounds good at the time. Making sure that no one sound is building up on on side and generally making sure there is balance between the sounds. I find the lower in the frequency range the more central it should be. If you've got a layered snare then try slightly panning each left and right!

Originally Posted by pirnikas View Post
Cool kick sound. I like this style, reminds me of my friend's style (Voodoobot). Good choice of sounds. It's a bit minimal which makes it to be good.
Thanks mate very kind of you, you'll have to send me a link to your friends stuff!
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