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I too for the past few months have been carefully considering a good portable recorder to buy, the zoom h4n did cross my mind but was not completely ideal for me, one turn off being it needed batteries, the only point I felt drawn to was that it could take 1/4 jack.

After doing research and looking for something I thought would suit all my needs I decided on the Tasmac DR 100 MKII. (full list of specs here:

This has both rechargeable batteries as well as allowing both regular batteries, which the device will switch to for back power in case the rechargeable ones die which ensures you have backup power. I don't think has so many internal features as the H4N which I think has loads of built in effects and 4 track recording, this one is a bit more simpler but by no means no greater, and seems like a very solid and easy to use portable recorder to meet pretty much most needs.

I would recommend looking into it, although I have not yet purchased it, i'm buying it in a week or two.
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