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Question Is it just me or are they raising the prices of Rack Extensions?

I can see from older posts the buffer was 50$, now its like 80. also I believe predator was 100 when released, now 120. can anybody explain this? Seems like they are raising the priced based on how popular the product is, which does not sit well with me. I had Reason 5 illegally for a year or two, then I wanted to be a part of the community and shelled out 400$ for it and am proud to support a company that has such fantatic and neat products, but for some reason I feel like jipped when I see how cheap some of these were less than a few months ago and now are 20-30% more expensive. If anyone has any insight I would appreciate it, I could just be plain wrong and not know what I am talking about, but my assumptions are drawn from older thread posts and online magazine reviews. Thanks