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Question Music of the future? New genres?

Hi all, if you listen to old folk they will probably say everything's been done in music, when I listened to pop music in the 80s growing up I didnt like music much, as it was mostly rock and pop on the radio like Kylie and status quo, but then I heard kraftwerk, jean michel jarre and axel f and thought this is wierd it's electronic music using synths and keyboards, this is when I begin listening to music and when the 90s came along the next best thing was computer music which gave birth to dance and rave music which the first rave tune blew my mind like the prodigys charly and psi divisions mindf**k2000 elastic man remix, the shaman and 2unlimited, I really got into this music and loved it ever since, in 1993 I got into making music with a friend and used an Amiga 500 and music software called octamed which was ahead of its time and we made dance music and hardcore tunes, ever since towards 1999 I felt dance music lost steam and felt it ran out of ideas of what you could do next, so me and my friend packed it all in for a while. Then in 2000 I discovered propellerhead reason which was a revolutionary music product for its time and began to make music on my own and ever since used it. Back in the early days rave music gave me lots of adrenaline and euphoria, I feel you can't beat the classics like lots of oldskool heads say but can you? These days I hear on the radio drum and bass, dubstep and the like which I think Is the latest trend in electronic music but what's next, nearly anybody can make dance music on computer these days, what do you think the next innovation is going to lead us? What is the next genre going to be? How good can software get? What's the next synths going to do and what is the next science in music technology? Personally I would like to see brain magnetic stimulation technology intergrated with a sequencer so you can add extra highs and extra emotions to your music, that's what I want to see! What instruments are the future you've seen? What you think guys?