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If you toss your thor into a combinator you can, in the combinbator's programer, link one of the buttons to "note trigger step seq". This will allow you to record the button toggle to it's own automation lane and you can trigger the sequence on and off. I haven't looked at the mute hack but I guess this is similar. You still don't get a sequence that you can chop like you would with a drum track because the sequence remains running in the background.

If you have a keyboard, I'd recommend just playing the sequence and recording that. It'll give you the most flexible track to work with. Even if your not great at the keys you can record the notes at half time or ignoring the tempo all together, just to get the note on the piano roll, and then program the seq on the pianoroll. Even without a keyboard, the sequencer shows you what notes go where and for how long - Just learn the notes of a keyboard and this becomes really fast.