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Originally Posted by luegenbold View Post
Well, nice track, but: After a good start, its getting a bit repetitive and kinda boring. In the End, the drums are not loud enough and the bass ist missing low End.
Add a subbass, some more punch to the drums and some heavier breaks, giving your track more dynamics....
keep on

Thanks, yeah I concur, mixing is kinda bad, but come on, repetitive, a lot of D&B even more repetitive!

Originally Posted by AnthonyMichaelAngelo View Post
I'm all for DnB. A powerful vocal sample as such might want to deliver the hard DnB or Jump Up vibe. Bring the BIG GUN SOUND!
In the future!

Originally Posted by pirnikas View Post
I don't agree with rvolt - this isn't boring - it's a cool tune - the bassline and synths are interesting and you've done great work with the vocals.
Thanks a lot Heikki, I'm very glad that you like it!