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Thumbs down #1 Secret to positive feedback on your music....

It really doesn't matter if your music is good or bad...

When it comes to getting your music critiqued by this forum there is a general trend. If you kiss butt to all the regulars and like all their stuff first, they will automatically like your work in return and leave positive comments even if your work is garbage. Its that simple. Its a social thing around here.

There are no quality standards here to be critiqued by. If it remotely sounds like the genre you're aiming for then, OMG ITS AMAZING. Wobble wobble. That makes it dubstep right ? Anything that wobbles is dubstep... lol And if you can't pull it off, call it "something else step" lol.

I'm not disgruntled about any feedback I've recieved or anything, but just amazed by the BS people puff each other up with around here.

Anyone wanna collaborate with my refrigerator ? lmao

Smells like.... opinions around here HAHA